Wigs. The Dos and Donts!

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The first major rule to picking out a wig is to TRY IT ON. This allows you to see which hairstyle and cut suits your face, skin tone, and personality.

natural wig hairline

Second, a natural looking hairline is a MUST. Before purchasing a wig, make sure that the hairline matches with your color and blends well to avoid the wig looking like a hat. Bring a trusted friend with you, to make sure your wigs looks right.

DON'T cheat yourself with a cheap wig. Cheap wigs tend to look fake, shed, and can only be worn a few times. It is recommended to opt for a virgin Indian human hair wig. This type of wig is made with real hair and can be dyed, styled and applied heat to. 

DO take care of your wig. You should store your wig at night to ensure minimal to no shedding and tangling. 

DO wash your wig. Wigs are made with real hair and therefore need a shampoo and condition after every 4-6 wears also depending on hair products usage. 

Wigs give you the freedom to try dozens of styles and hair colors without harming your hair. If you treat them like your real hair they will last up to a year and possibly longer. 


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